Barbados direct flights- More Than Ever Before!

Barbados direct flights

In the thick of winter it's comforting to know that the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados has never been within easier reach. There are now more Barbados direct flights than ever, from more airports, across more countries than ever before. 

White sands, turquoise waters, vibrant culture and world class restaurants await you. Did we mention the 3,000 hours of sunshine a year?  

Flying From The UK To Barbados

  • British Airways - London Gatwick - 2 flights daily  
  • Virgin - London  Gatwick - 1 flight daily
  • Thomas Cook - London Gatwick - 1 flight a week (Saturday) 
  • Virgin - London Heathrow (winter season) - 2 flights a week (Tuesday & Saturday)
  • Thomas Cook - Manchester - 3 flights a week (Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday) 
  • Virgin - Manchester - 2 flights a week (Sunday & Thursday)

Flying From Canada To Barbados

  • Air Canada - Toronto - daily flight (sometimes 2 flights per day) 
  • Westjet - Toronto - 4 flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) 

Flying From USA To Barbados

  • Jetblue - New York JFK - 2 flights a day 
  • Jet Blue - New York Newark - 1 flight a week (Saturday)
  • Jet Blue - Boston - 2 flights a week (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Jet Blue - Fort Lauderdale - 1 flight a day 
  • American Airlines - Charlotte - 1 flight a week (Sunday) 
  • American Airlines - Miami - 2 flights a day 

Now there are more Barbados direct flights come and visit beautiful Barbados. You will not be disappointed.

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